Price and suggestions


Fund the wyd

For european dioceses the proposed amount is from 3 000 to 4 000 US$ ; where you live, the cost could be cut depending on the air-ticket price (the planes are overbooked for everyone, there is a 350 US$ obligatory pilgrim pass [discount to 217 in Vietnam, 124 in the Philippines] and the distances are big).
Individuals can join us from 8th to 25th July for 560 US$ (Melbourne to Melbourne), or from 15th to 21st for for 450 US$ (in Sydney: includes pilgrim pass, meals and accomodation).
Above all don’t be discouraged, for the Lord has said (Haggai 2,8): ‘All the silver and gold is mine !’ if you cooperate with Him, it is completely realisable.

Suggestions for fundraisingTM

– Make and sell products derived from representations of Jesus, Holy Spirit, Trinity, Virgin Mary, WYD in Sydney (tee-shirts, sweat shirts, candles, caps…..)

– Quests for WYD

– Organise: concerts

live entertainment (skits, dramas….)


evening activities (barbeques, pancakes…)

sport or cultural events (tournaments of football, volleyball, bridge, card games…)

Jobs: quick repairs, deliveries, salespeople, shop assistants…

– Other little jobs: Look after children,

Odd jobs round the house, Gardening,

Take care of domestic animals,

Move furniture, help people move house,

Wash cars,

Commissions -doing people’s shopping, receiving a monthly stipend etc-

Preparation of food, Ironing, Other domestic services

Sewing, other manual work…

Computer data entry,

Optimisation of computers

– Mk 10, 21 ‘Sell all you possess….come and follow me !’ the Lord is precise: Mk 10:28 ‘We have left everything and followed You….He will receive a hundredfold now… and in the world to come eternal life.’

– Grants (from administrations and/or firms)

– Ask for help from families you know.

Above all remember that the Pope and the Virgin Mary themselves intercede for you: Here is the prayer of Benedict XVl three weeks ago in Lorette, Italia:

‘Again today, God searches the hearts of the young people….rendezvous in Sydney ! I know Australia is far for the young, it is literally at the other end of the world. Pray that the Lord, who accomplishes wonders, will enable many of you to be able to attend. May he grant it to me and grant it to you. It is one of the many dreams that we entrust to Mary in pray together.’