Why go to the WYD?


World Youth Day

At each WYD, God has filled all those young people who have opened their hearts to Him with abundant blessings. Hundreds of thousands have encountered God powerfully and know that He infinitely loves them. Many have returned home with a Faith and happiness that has changed their lives! Some have heard a call to consecrate everything to the God who loves us over and above what we could ever imagine.
All were profoundly touched.
…. To participate in WYD is a grace that can transform your life! ! !

Good reasons to go to WYD:
– To encounter your Creator, your Saviour, your Life
– Experience your faith with other young Christians from all over the world and to concretely realize that to be a young Catholic isn’t to be an “extra terrestrial” (maybe to have a heart which is super terrestrial but with you feet firmly on the ground!!)
– Chose the better part: – which is the Kingdom of God
– Allow yourself to be transformed by Him during the meetings, the Catechesis and the prayer.
– Respond to the invitation to the Wedding Banquet of Christ through the voice of the Pope (Matthew 22:1-15 Does that remind you of something?)” Still today God seeks the hearts of young people….Jesus has a special love for young people…..”Dear Young people, we have an appointment in Sydney!…”

Bad reasons to go to the WYD:
– Firstly go for a “Christian Woodstock”.
– Go for an exotic holiday out of curiosity (prefer “tourist-in-a-group.com”)
– Find a girl/boy friend (O.K, some people have actually met at WYD and later got married….but…)
– Go for the surfing and the Rugby (we all like sport a lot but during WYD God has graces for all eternity to give.)

Be strong…both the Pope and the Blessed Virgin Mary are interceding for you: here is the prayer that Pope Benedict XVI pronounced in September at the Marian Shrine in Loreto in Italy : “I know that Australia is far away and for young people it truly is at the other end of the world. Pray that the Lord will do marvels, allowing a great many of you to go there. That He makes it possible for me and for you. It is one of the many dreams that we entrust to Mary in our prayers together. “

It certainly costs a lot to come, but it’s an event that can change your life!

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