WYD what?


There’s great agitation in the country of the kangaroo, on surf boards and around Ayers Rock….. Energetic Christians are on the verge of drowning out the voice of Castafiore at the Opera House in Sydney :

WYD is an enormous gathering of immense supernatural joy, to praise and adore God, and meet with the Pope and hundreds of thousands of other young Christians from all around the world.

The word of God proposed by the Pope :

Acts 1:8 ‘You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you’
Is that not an extraordinary promise of the good God for you ?

And the verse continues, in effect giving us the product :

You are then my witnesses…until the ends of the earth’

The program : meet young people from everywhere, praise and worship, teachings , Adoration, visits….

WYD is usually celebrated on Palm Sunday; but it takes all of the two or three years to form the international gathering of hundreds of thousands of young Christians from more than 160 different Countries, to all come together in one place. This will be the tenth international edition and the twenty third in total.

At WYD 2008 there will be :
– 500 000 young people
– 1 God in 3 persons
– 1 unique Mediator, Christ
– 1 Mother of God and of the event
– 1 Pope
– 70 permanent organisers (Sydney)
– 10 000 other organisers and volunteers
– Hundreds of Bishops and 2 000 Priests at your service
– 3.6 million meals prepared in Sydney
– 3 000 journalists
– the millions of graces received

More than any other WYD this one is unique :
– Australia is really at the opposite end of Jerusalem and Rome
The Word of God in this regard tells us :

1Ma 3 :9 ‘His name resounds to the ends of the earth because He has gathered those who were lost’

Ps 72 :8 ‘The Lord dominates from ocean to ocean, from the river until the ends of the earth’

– The Church in Australia and Oceania was evangelised by Europeans in the period of 1800 to 1899, and urgently needs a new wave of evangelisation…We ourselves are poor, but we need to make ourselves available to be instruments of the Holy Spirit.

It is in the confines of this world, as the first disciples, burning for Him and being His witnesses that life will return to all the world.

WYD in French (JMJ) and Italian (GMG) also means : Jesus, Mary, Joseph……This is the time to meet them, and be guided by the love of the Holy family of God.

GMG is also a (spiritual) Grenade Machine Gun, an interesting weapon in the spiritual fight against our sins.…

Age requirements : 17 – 35 years with some exceptions (contact us)